What makes our lives here as humans unique is choice

What makes our lives here as humans unique is choice… the idea of free will.
We are given the ability to create the reality of our choosing and the steering wheel of our lives is in our hands….

Many people strive to “change the world” and want other people to change, want the planet to change, what people to make different choices…nothing wrong with that, but… that is a form of judgement.

To be in a space of anything but total acceptance of others and their choices is to judge, label, and limit… When you want to change someone else, or something outside of yourself, you come out of your source and must come from a place of identification with the personality…

The way that we change the world is by offering others a new choice. We offer this choice through our presence and who we are. As many have said before, we offer a new choice to people by living by example…
When we try to change people, we set an example that says “things are not perfect as they are”… and we offer that choice to people, and that is the potential reality we invite others to join.

When we accept and love, and live in our joy, we offer the potential reality and choice that says “all is perfect as it is, and I am choosing the world that I want to live in”….

When we offer people choice through our presence, we don’t “change” people, we offer a choice for people to change themselves… our very existance is a portal to a new world, to a new way of seeing…. and instead of forcing people to walk through, we let people come and go as they please.
When people make a choice on their own, they take responsibilty for their life and choices, and have the ability to commit to themselves… they are empowered…
If we ever try to force someone, or manipulate them into making a choice, our plans are doomed to fail… for what is created through manipulation and control will always fall, and what is created with love, authenticity, and acceptance will last forever.

If you want things to change, if you want to see the world of your dreams, if you want others to live in a world of acceptance and love….. practice makes perfect and you are the only person you are in control of…Practice accepting others no matter where they are in their process and growth… instead of trying to change outcomes and control people and situations, accept them as they are and choose what your prefer for yourself. You will find when you come to others with an open heart and acceptance, they will be much more likely to open to your world and your reality… and we can learn to share with eachother… as we put aside our differences, and throw away or fixed ideas, identities, and masks…. we can truly open to worlds of unimaginable joy, and life can be a lot more fun… or not….
the choice is always yours to make…

This page just like your presence in life among your friends and family….. serves as a choice… a potential reality of infinite…

In each moment there are infinite possibilities for how your life can flow and where you path will lead, but what determines the pathway you walk is not a god, not a teacher, not your parents, not the government, not anyone or anything outside yourself…. it is YOU. it is your choice that determines the universe you live in….

SO.. how do you know what to choose? what is the best potential reality for me?

Follow your heart, and if you can’t hear it, keep listening… there are many signs that come in the form of movies, people, places, stickers, clouds, trees…. these signs come from your soul, gently nudging you to come back into alignment with your authentic self…

So don’t be afraid to ask, and listen deeply… and choose… consciously. :)

-Imran Hossain
Cellular Enlightenment
Originally from: Cellular Enlightenment FB page



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